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What is a Joyful Vampire Ball?

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A Joyful Vampire Ball is a chance to celebrate, laugh, and chat about the film Bite Me with your fellow audience members, but, most importantly, a Joyful Vampire Ball is a chance for each and every person to celebrate whatever makes them feel most joyful.

Everyone is invited to wear a special outfit to their screening/vampire ball/shindig – it can be a vampire costume, of course, but it could also be a tiara, wings, a Viking dress, a Christmas sweater – really anything that makes you feel fabulous and joyful. That thing that you love but have thought, “but when the heck am I ever going to wear this?” Wear that. Now.

Part-party, part-event, part celebration, each Vampire Ball/Shindig is a space where everyone is welcome, nobody is judged, and every uniqueness, large and small, is given room to be celebrated.

Come wearing whatever you like and get ready for a bloody joyful jubilee!