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The Joyful Vampire Tour Of America

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After researching the murky and uninspiring state of current independent film distribution, the Bite Me team has decided to go rogue.


Following our March 2019 Cinequest premiere, from May-July 2019, we're renting an RV and, old-school, carnival style, taking the film on a three-month Joyful Vampire Tour of America.

Bite Me will play in independent cinemas in 20-30 cities across the country (tour dates and tickets available here) and you can request for us to come to your city/town/living room (for real, if we can park our RV in your driveway for the night, we'll bring our capes).

Additionally, because we don't want you all to miss out on the fun (it's gonna be sooooo much fun) and also because we believe that indie filmmakers should not be forced to make distribution decisions about their films with as little data as is now available, we are teaming up with award-winning documentary filmmaker Kiwi Callahan who will be joining us on the tour and making a weekly docu-series about the film's release/tour that you'll be able to watch on YouTube every week!

We want to give anyone who could use a little extra joy in their lives right now the opportunity to come along for the ride, but we're also making Bite Me a radically transparent case study in creative distribution. We will be fully transparent about all our numbers to give other filmmakers an opportunity to learn from our travels, our failures, and our successes (they will be mostly success, obvi).

If you want to get info when our tour dates are released, make sure to sign up for our NEWSLETTER, but, even better, REQUEST the Joyful Vampire Tour in your city! Trust us. You want us to come. We're gonna bring capes, cocktails, and a really awesome, fun, heart-string-pulling movie about vampires, love, and a whole lot else.